Outriders developer People Can Fly impacted by layoffs

People Can Fly is just the latest games company to be impacted by layoffs.
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Outriders developer People Can Fly has reportedly been impacted by significant layoffs, with job losses expected to shift company plans for upcoming projects. As reported by Kotaku, over 30 people have been laid off, all from Project Gemini, an upcoming game set to be published by Square Enix. An additional 20 people have reportedly been removed from this project, although they have been given new projects at People Can Fly.

Per Adam Alker, development director at the studio, the decision was necessary due to budget limitations and a shrinking scope for Project Gemini. Sources speaking to Kotaku identified a shorter campaign and a smaller enemy roster as potential consequences for the cuts to Project Gemini, although the full scope of changes is unknown at this stage.

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“We understand that this decision impacts each of you, and we want to express our gratitude for your hard work, dedication, and contributions thus far,” Alker reportedly said in an email seen by Kotaku. “To those individuals transitioning out of the studio due to these changes, we extend our sincere appreciation for the skills and expertise you brought to the team. We will keep our fingers crossed for your next steps in game dev and offer all our support.”

Per Kotaku, some laid off employees will be subject to a three-month transition period, and will continue working until this is complete. Those working outside Poland will be out of work by the end of the week.

In other news, Black Forest Games has also reportedly joined People Can Fly in initiating layoffs. The studio behind the Destroy All Humans! remakes has reportedly reduced its headcount by 50%, with around 50 people losing their jobs. Black Forest Games was most recently working on an adaptation of The Last Ronin storyline from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle comics, and the status of this project following these layoffs is unclear.

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