Overwatch 2 gets new Tank hero, Mauga, in Season 8

Mauga will officially debut in Overwatch 2's upcoming eight season.
overwatch 2 mauga heroes unlocked

Blizzard Entertainment has unveiled the latest hero to join the ranks of Overwatch 2: Mauga, a Tank hero hailing from Samoa, who wields massive chainguns nicknamed ‘Gunny’ and ‘Cha-Cha’. While he was briefly available to play over BlizzCon 2023 weekend, he will next appear with the debut of Overwatch 2: Season 8 on 5 December 2023.

Per gameplay footage, it appears Mauga will be most useful in close quarters combat, with his twin chainguns serving as heavy-hitting melee weapons. They can be used to let off ranged attacks, but with ‘Gunny’ being charged with fire-powered ammunition, you’ll want to be close to your opponents for the most damage.

Being a tank, Mauga is effective at breaking enemy defences and shields, in a similar fashion to Reinhardt – although with an entirely different powerset. As detailed by Blizzard, Mauga will have access to an Overrun charging ability that can “stomp” into opponents, dealing “powerful knockback.” He also has a minor healing ability, in the form of Cardiac Overdrive, which allows him to create an aura that reduces incoming damage, and allows allies to heal themselves.

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His ultimate ability is Cage Fight – a move which traps himself and enemies inside a cage, with the goal of fighting to the death. It appears those inside the cage will need to defeat Mauga to escape.

You can check out Mauga in action in his debut trailer:

Those who didn’t get a chance to check out this new hero during his limited-time free trial will have to stay patient for his permanent debut in the eight season of Overwatch 2. He will arrive alongside a fresh gameplay battle pass, and other new features yet to be revealed, on 5 December 2023.

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