MTG – Doctor Who: Universes Beyond Exclusive Card Preview

Magic: The Gathering is crossing over into timey-wimey territory with the brand new Universes Beyond: Doctor Who set.
mtg wizards of the coast doctor who card preview

Magic: The Gathering is returning to the sci-fi realm with the launch of the Universes Beyond: Doctor Who set, which features characters, abilities, mechanics, and stories from the world of BBC’s beloved time travelling adventure series.

This set includes every doctor from the show, and multiple different dimensions, each of them calling back to iconic moments across the franchise’s 60-year history. Players will be able to collect characters like the Tenth Doctor (arguably still the most popular) and his companion Rose, as well as fan-favourite heroes like the Fourth Doctor, and more – many of which are portrayed on special art cards themed like the TARDIS.

Collectors will also find various moments from the show featured, including in Sorcery cards like Farewell, which represents the departure of the Tenth Doctor, and the Death in Heaven Saga, which reflects the ascension of the tragic Cybermen.

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To celebrate the set’s incoming launch, we have an exclusive card to reveal at GamesHub.

The card we have is the terrifying Become the Pilot, which features a woman being sucked down into an oozing tar pit, of a sort. Lovely stuff. It’s an Aura type Enchantment that costs two blue mana and 3 of any mana to play on the field – and while that’s a fairly steep investment, it grants a strong ability once played.

Deploying Become the Pilot will let you enchant any non-commander creature to control them on the battlefield. Once they’ve been enchanted, they gain +2/+2 for power and toughness, boosting their strength. As an additional benefit, they can no longer be blocked unless they’re attacking their owner (the player who deployed the card) or any other permanent (creatures, lands, enchantments, artefacts) controlled by this owner.

In simpler terms, Become the Pilot is pretty self-explanatory. For a cost, you may deploy the Enchantment to take control of an enemy’s creature, and then use that creature to attack that enemy, or anyone else in the game. With horror-inspired art on the card, you’ll also look a bit terrifying while deploying it, which may give you a surprise bonus.

Image: Wizards of the Coast / Irina Nordsol

You’ll be able to nab Become the Pilot, and a whole bunch of other new Doctor Who-themed cards when the latest Magic: The Gathering Universes Beyond set launches on 13 October 2023.

Commander launch parties for MTG: Doctor Who are taking place around the world at various Wizards Play Network (WPN) gaming stores, and you can usually pick up some neat goodies during these celebrations – so check in with your local shop for more details.

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