Mario & Luigi: Brothership is being developed by “some” former AlphaDream staff

Mario & Luigi: Brothership is being developed by some "original" staff who worked on the Mario & Luigi franchise at AlphaDream.
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Mario & Luigi: Brothership, the first new Mario & Luigi game in nearly a decade, is reportedly being developed by some former staff of AlphaDream, who previously worked on other entires in the beloved franchise. While the game will not be developed by AlphaDream itself, as the company declared bankruptcy in 2019, the influence of this studio will seemingly still be felt.

That’s per Stephen Totilo, via his Game File newsletter, and comments made by a Nintendo spokesperson confirming that Brothership has “original” franchise hands on deck.

Who is developing Mario & Luigi: Brothership?

“Some of the original developers who worked on the franchise are involved in the development of Mario & Luigi: Brothership,” a Nintendo spokesperson told Game File. However, for more information about the developers behind the game, those interested will need to wait for the game’s credits.

As is usual, Nintendo is being fairly tight-lipped about the development team behind Mario & Luigi: Brothership. Given the talented developers of AlphaDream now work for a variety of companies, including Nintendo itself, the hints provide little clarity.

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That said, it’s great to hear Mario & Luigi: Brothership will be infused with the spirit of AlphaDream.

Since its debut title, Mario & Luigi has been defined by a snappy, tongue-in-cheek humour that elevates the appeal of each story. And even while the games are slapstick, they’re also filled with endearing, lovely moments of bonding between Mario and Luigi.

It’s a difficult balance to get right, but there’s every hope that Brothership will manage the same sense of charm that defined its predecessors. Already, its first trailer has revealed a colourful, buoyant world of adventure, with a new animation style lending a strong sense of physical humour and dynamism.

With some original developers from AlphaDream working on Brothership, there’s plenty of reasons to get excited about this sequel’s eventual release. As announced, Mario & Luigi: Brothership arrives for Nintendo Switch on 7 November 2024.

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