Tokyo Disney hides Kingdom Hearts lore in hotel room

Tokyo Disney is inviting guests to stay at a special Kingdom Hearts hotel room, where a surprise is waiting in a little chest.
kingdom hearts lore hotel

The lore of Kingdom Hearts is notoriously complex, with clues spread across multiple main games, spin-offs, sequels and merchandise. While mobile games previously housed the most obscure franchise lore, there may just be a new winner, in the form of a special Tokyo Disney hotel room.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Kingdom Hearts, Tokyo Disney announced it would build and decorate a themed hotel room, complete with Kingdom Hearts bedspreads and wall decorations. Those who stayed in the room would be gifted a special ‘secret item’ found within a treasure chest.

A year on from the announcement, fans are finally getting to stay in the room – and according to Twitter user aitaikimochi, the wait just may have been worth it.


After entering the hotel room with a special key shaped like the game’s Oblivion keyblade, fans will enter a fully-decorated room, and encounter a large red chest, like the ones seen in the game.

While the contents of the chest are reportedly embargoed until April, aitaikimochi did detail what was inside.

According to their report, inside the chest is a copy of the Oathkeeper keyblade, with some distinct changes from its regular form. Rather than being blue and yellow, this version is blue on both sides. It also reportedly has a golden circle on it, in the centre of its flower charm.

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While this could easily be a manufacturing error, or a version of Oathkeeper from past games (the design has been fairly inconsistent), some fans are speculating this item has major clues for the future of the Kingdom Hearts franchise – with the image embargo only adding to speculation.

Some are claiming it’s an ‘evolution‘ of the Oathkeeper keyblade that may be revealed in an upcoming title, while others have taken this clue a step further, claiming it indicates a game spin-off starring previous wielders Kairi and Aqua.

This could still very well turn out to be a simple key, but the April embargo is intriguing. Fans have been expecting news out of the franchise ever since the launch of Kingdom Hearts 3 in 2019 – and while nobody would have expected the answers to come in a hotel room, it is Kingdom Hearts. Stranger things have happened.

Fans wanting to stay in the exclusive room will need to research the Disney Ambassador Hotel and its availability as interest in the Kingdom Hearts-themed experience grows. While the ‘special gift’ for fans may turn out to be nothing, it’s just as likely to play an integral part in Kingdom Hearts lore.

Stay tuned for more news on this front.

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