Inscryption set for consoles, PS4 version rated in Australia

Inscryption may be set for a wider console release, should a recent Australian Classification Board rating be any indication.
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An Australian Classification Board listing for Inscryption on PlayStation 4 may have spoiled an imminent announcement for a console port of the beloved card roguelike. According to the listing, spotted by multiple media outlets, Inscryption has now been rated M for a future launch on PS4. There are no real surprises in the listing outside of the platform specification – but it’s a promising sign for console fans.

So far, Inscryption has only been made available on PC, macOS and Linux, with no console versions available for keen players. With card-based mechanics and an engaging gameplay loop, it feels perfect for a console like the Nintendo Switch – but given the PS4 rating, we may not have to hope for a wider console launch for much longer. It’ll also be interesting to see how the versions handle the PC-specific plot devices contained in the game.

Ratings boards have a habit of spoiling announcements before developers are ready – with both PEGI and the Australian Classification Board recently revealing tidbits about titles like Forspoken and Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

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As of writing, the game’s console launch is yet to be confirmed by developer Daniel Mullins, however, given the game just got a Linux port in June it’s fair to assume that other ports will be in the works – and likely ready for announcement.

Inscyption really is an incredible game – equal parts haunting, quirky, and challenging. Here’s what GamesHub reviewer Edmond Tran had to say of the game in 2021:

“Regardless of what the answers are eventually revealed to be, the constant mystery throughout Inscryption is enthralling. To be pulled by your curiosity into its journey is to be compulsively stimulated by its card game and consistently captivated by the enigma of what else exists above and beyond it. Unnerving, compelling, and unpredictable, it’s excellent every step of the way. “

Edmond Tran

Stay tuned for more Inscryption news, and confirmation of the game’s upcoming console launch. If you’ve yet to play the title, this potential port could be the opportunity you need.

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