You can support Ukraine with this game bundle

Necrosoft's Bundle for Ukraine is raising funds to aid the humanitarian effort in the region.
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Necrosoft Games has launched an indie game charity bundle on to help support the people of Ukraine through humanitarian organisations working in the region. 991 games are included in the bundle, with indie smash hits like A Short Hike, Celeste, Baba Is You, Minit, Wandersong, and more headlining the pack.

Hundreds of indie developers have contributed to the bundle, with the entire lot of games available for just US $10 (AU $14). All proceeds will be donated directly to the International Medical Corps and Voices of Children, which are both currently working to provide medical and psychological assistance in Ukraine.

Necrosoft has encouraged purchasers to spend above the minimum amount, with every dollar going towards Ukrainian relief efforts.

While the value of the bundle is absolutely not in doubt, it’s important to remember that it’s been established for charity – and that while receiving a reward in the form of a downloadable game is good, what’s more important is that buying this bundle will directly contribute to aid in Ukraine.

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You can see the full list of Bundle for Ukraine games on the hub, or browse through a few key highlights below:

  • A Short Hike: a narrative adventure about climbing an epic mountain
  • Celeste: a gruelling 2D platformer about conquering personal demons
  • Baba Is You: a puzzle game that operates on tricky wordplay
  • Minit: an adventure game that takes place in 60 second bites
  • 2064: Read Only Memories: a cyberpunk adventure set in a strange future world
  • Wandersong: a musical adventure tale filled with colour
  • Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!: an intense restaurant simulator that requires a high level of focus
  • SUPERHOT: a first person shooter where the action only moves when you do
  • SkateBIRD: a skating simulator starring a cast of cute birds
  • Backbone: a noir adventure starring a raccoon private detective
  • Lucifer Within Us: an eldritch murder-solving simulator
  • A Mortician’s Tale: a mortuary simulator where you run a funeral home
  • Hidden Folks: a Where’s Wally style searching game

If you’re not in a position to donate yourself, the Bundle for Ukraine can also be shared online to raise awareness for a wider audience. As of writing, the bundle has raised US $2.1 million of its newly established US $4 million goal, with donations pouring in at a phenomenal rate.

This article has been updated with the bundle’s latest donation total and goal.

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