Immortals Fenyx Rising sequel allegedly cancelled

A new report has alleged work on an unannounced Immortals Fenyx Rising sequel has concluded.
immortals fenyx rising

Immortals Fenyx Rising was a lively, fun open-world game that told a sweeping tale of myths and magic in a world seemingly inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild. While many saw it as a ‘Zelda clone’, that unfortunate label didn’t do justice to what was a refreshing journey through Greek mythology. Rumours about the game getting a potential sequel have been around for some time – but now, it seems those rumours have been quashed.

Per a new report from VGC, Immortals Fenyx Rising developer Ubisoft Quebec had started early development on a sequel intended to continue the game’s story, but sources say it’s now been cancelled, with Ubisoft management making the decision in early July.

Sources believe this is down to the challenge of promoting the IP, which doesn’t yet have the legacy or name recognition of other popular Ubisoft titles, like Prince of Persia and Assassin’s Creed. The news arrives after a slate of other cancellations at Ubisoft, inspired by tough economic conditions.

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With the cost and scope of game creation rising, and ongoing cost of living pressures also impacting overall game sales, many global companies have begun restructuring and leaning out, to weather risks.

The earliest knowledge we have of a potential Immortals sequel comes from journalist and prominent industry insider Jeff Grubb, who reported in 2022 that an Immortals sequel would be a spin-off focussing more on Hawaiian Polynesian culture, and less on Breath of the Wild-style adventure gameplay.

At the time, Grubb alleged it was in early pre-production, with plans for it to launch in 2025. While this report was never confirmed, sources speaking to VGC have seemingly corroborated these claims. They further allege that plans for Immortals were ‘cast into doubt’ as Ubisoft realigned its strategy to focus on flagship franchises.

In response to VGC‘s article, Ubisoft claimed it did not comment on rumours or speculation. Given the alleged Immortals game was never officially announced, this could be one rumoured project that simply vanishes into the ether.

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