Footage from Horizon multiplayer game reportedly leaks

Ten minutes of footage reportedly from an early build of a Horizon multiplayer game has surfaced online.
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Early footage from an alleged build of a Horizon multiplayer game from developer Guerrilla has leaked online via Reddit, with around 10 minutes of gameplay on show. While the leak has since been taken down by moderators, the original video and images remain accessible. They depict a bright world populated by colourful, cartoonish characters – in line with the art style of popular modern multiplayer games, like Fortnite and Sea of Thieves.

While this is a diversion from the style of recent hit Horizon Forbidden West, on which the game is allegedly based, the character models are a refreshing change of pace – they’re bright-eyed, well-designed, and each shown off in the build has a diverse body type, unique outfit, and seemingly plenty of customisation options.

Players will be able to choose colourful hair, dress up in a range of outfits, and traverse a lush green world filled with secrets. The leaked footage on Reddit shows off a natural open world filled with trees, bushes, and snow. This area largely resembles the main campsite of Horizon Forbidden West – and may reuse some assets from this game.

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Later in the footage, a player can be seen facing off with a variety of machine enemies, all of which have been reimagined in a cuter, ’rounder’ art style. Despite their appearance, they’re just as deadly as their realistic counterparts, and present a major challenge to the player character.

According to the leaker, this footage is from a ‘very old alpha’ of the previously-announced Horizon multiplayer game, and may even be from 2020. This likely means work on the multiplayer game has progressed significantly since this footage was captured – although whether the art style or action has changed since then is currently unknown.

Sources speaking to VGC believe the footage is real, and given Guerrilla announced its upcoming multiplayer adventure game as being highly ‘stylised’, there’s a fair chance this footage is legitimate. That said, it’s only an early look at what’s to come – and this game may change drastically before Guerrilla is ready to show more.

We’ll likely hear more about the upcoming Horizon multiplayer game in the coming months, as Guerrilla gears up for an official announcement and gameplay reveal.

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