Hellboy Web of Wyrd gets new gameplay trailer

Hellboy Web of Wyrd explores the mythology of Mike Mignola's iconic world.
hellboy web of wyrd game

A brand new trailer for the upcoming Hellboy Web of Wyrd has been revealed during the latest ID@Xbox Digital Showcase. While early trailers for the supernatural adventure were brief and only teased a strange, cel-shaded world, the latest glimpse features meaty combat, flashy aesthetics, and the voice of the late Lance Reddick as Hellboy.

Hellboy Web of Wyrd represents one of the final roles for Reddick, who passed away earlier in 2023. As revealed in the new gameplay trailer, he’ll play a wise-cracking, gruff version of Hellboy, in line with his comic appearances.

New gameplay has shown off Hellboy’s ability to utilise his great fists for high-powered punching attacks, as well as an arsenal of weaponry that includes a deadly revolver. He’ll need to wield these weapons against an array of enemies, which includes a mysterious being known as the Faithless King.

You can check out Hellboy in action in the latest trailer for Web of Wyrd.

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Here’s the game’s official description, per developer Upstream Arcade:

‘Play as Hellboy and punch, dodge, and blast your way through the mysterious Web of Wyrd in this all-new adventure crafted in partnership with Dark Horse Comics and visionary series creator Mike Mignola.’

Beyond gameplay snippets and these tidbits, we don’t know a lot about Web of Wyrd – but there’s certainly plenty of intrigue so far. The game’s gorgeous cel-shaded artwork neatly reflects Mignola’s beloved comic book style, and there’s a real flow to movement on screen.

Web of Wyrd very much looks like a comic book come to life, and this devotion to style should hopefully elevate Hellboy‘s intricate world – which arguably, has yet to receive a faithful and worthwhile screen adaptation.

Hellboy Web of Wyrd launches for PC and consoles in future. It does not currently have a firm release date.

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