Gubbins is now available on iOS in Australia and New Zealand

Studio Folly has soft-launched Gubbins in Australia and New Zealand for everyone on iOS devices.
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Funky word game Gubbins, from the Melbourne-based Studio Folly, is now available on the iOS App Store for everyone in Australia and New Zealand. While the game’s release is described as a ‘region locked soft-launch,’ it can be now downloaded and played in full, with no in-app purchases or advertising.

This will change in future, as Studio Folly explores ways to monetise the game without infringing on player enjoyment or the absurdity of stringing funny words together – but for now, it’s being launched as the complete experience, for free.

In Gubbins, players are tasked with collecting tiles (individual letters and multiple letters) and placing them on a Scrabble-like board. As their collection grows, they’ll eventually come across special ‘Gubbins’ characters that can disrupt gameplay for better or worse, with the ability to do things like removing letters from the board, or completing words for a high score. The entire experience is compounded by a colourful, psychedelic art style that really tickles the brain.

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In recent years, it’s become fairly common for mobile games to launch first in Australia and New Zealand, as a means to test gameplay functionality before a wider rollout. Marvel Snap and Niantic’s Peridot, for example, were soft-launched in the Southern Hemisphere several months before a global release – granting players in Australia and New Zealand the opportunity to hone their tactics early.

Launching in a smaller market will give Studio Folly the opportunity to monitor how players engage with the game, and work out any kinks ahead of a wider global release. While international release dates have not been announced just yet, we expect to hear news about it in the coming months.

If you’re keen for a calming, wholesome word game for some afternoon relaxation, Gubbins comes highly recommended. Everyone using an iOS device in Australia and New Zealand can now download and play the game, ahead of a wider worldwide rollout.

Stay tuned to Studio Folly’s social media for updates on the game, and future plans for monetisation.

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