Gubbins is a new Aussie word game inspired by psychedelia

Gubbins is a new word game with an inspiring, gleeful colour palette and a neat twist on Scrabble.
gubbins word game australian games

Studio Folly, from Melbourne, Victoria, has revealed Gubbins, a gorgeous word game that pairs delightful, psychedelic art with Scrabble-like challenges for a mix of puzzles that’ll tickle your fancy and your brain.

In Gubbins, you’ll be tasked with completing a number of tile-based word challenges, completing words to add to your score – or using special, collectible ‘Gubbins’ to manoeuvre and trick your way to victory.

It’s not enough to simply forge new words in this puzzler – you’ll need to use the unique abilities of your Gubbins to shake up gameplay along the way. Some can remove letters from the board, while some can complete the tail end of words for you. Others cause total chaos on the battlefield, making it impossible for players to score points by removing select tiles, or scrambling letters in play.

For everyone who loves a round of Scrabble, but needs an extra layer of challenge to spice up gameplay, it looks like Gubbins might scratch that itch.

Gubbins has also been selected for the Indie Showcase at PAX Aus 2022. You can check out the delightful reveal trailer for the game below:

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The game takes place in a ‘rougelite’ environment, with plenty of obstacles on the way and new Gubbins to find with every nifty run.

The game will arrive in 2023, and is coming to iOS first – although a launch on other platforms has not been ruled out. If you’re somebody who loves a bit of wordplay, Gubbins should certainly be on your radar.

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