Fable narrative lead announces project departure

Anna Megill will no longer serve as the narrative lead on the upcoming Fable reboot.
fable narrative lead playground games

Fable narrative lead Anna Megill has announced her departure from the project, after several years working on the story, and a solid year-long tenure at the helm. In her announcement, Megill expressed excitement for a new challenge, and thanked Playground Games for keeping the adventure in good hands.

‘In August, I’m stepping away from my role as Narrative Lead on Fable,’ Megill announced. ‘I’ve had several wonderful years scribbling away in my fairytale cottage, but the time feels right for new challenges. Working on Fable was a dream come true for me, and it’s wrenching to leave it behind. But Playground has assembled a Heroically talented team, so I know it’s in good hands. I’m excited for what’s coming next – for them and for me.’

While briefly, this move sparked concerns from Fable fans, Megill was quick to assuage fears, claiming her decision to leave was simply because her tenure came to a good ‘stopping point’.

‘Some folks are being silly, so let me be clear: I reached a good stopping point to jump off the project, so I did,’ Megill said. ‘And I decided to take a small break before jumping into my next gig. That’s it. I have nothing but fondness & respect for Playground & my colleagues there.’

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A new narrative lead for Fable has not been announced, but as Megill makes clear, it’s likely the project is in good hands. It’s not uncommon for a video game to have multiple writers and leads during its tenure, particularly when tales are hard to crack. Multiple writers can allow fresh perspectives on a narrative, in a way that strengthens the story in the long run.

It’s hard to say what this means for Fable. The game has now been in development for several years, with many creatives working on a blockbuster fantasy that lives up to the legacy of its beloved predecessors.

Recently, a new in-game engine trailer revealed a fresh look at one of the game’s set pieces, which involves a giant Richard Ayoade defending himself against the invasion of a miniature hero. Earlier, a teaser trailer revealed a fairy being eaten by a giant toad. So far, these snippets are all we know about Fable and its narrative – but there’s likely plenty more to come in future.

For now, we’ll have to stay tuned to see what Playground Games is brewing.

It’s also wise to keep an eye on Megill’s future. She’s had a hand in a number of award-winning narratives, including Control, Dishonored: Death of the Outsider, and the upcoming Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, and she’s likely to bring her expertise wherever she goes. We wish her luck in her next adventure.


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