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Elden Ring players have died 9 billion times so far

Elden Ring players have achieved an impressive milestone on their quest for bloody glory.
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To celebrate the first anniversary of Elden Ring, publisher Bandai Namco has revealed an intriguing deep dive into the antics of players – and the surprising amount of times they’ve died on their quest to survive the Lands Between. According to this analysis, Elden Ring players have now officially hit a grand total of 9 billion deaths – with the vast majority being delivered by enemies.

Around 69% of these deaths were at the hands of enemies and NPCs, while a further 15% of deaths were caused by status effects. Shockingly, around 14% of deaths were caused by falling – with clumsy players contributing to a hefty total. Given the sheer amount of signs littered around the Lands Between that encourage players to jump off cliffs to find ‘secrets’, perhaps we shouldn’t be so surprised.

In more heartening news, just 2% of players were killed as a direct result of another player.

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Death goes hand-in-hand with an Elden Ring run – particularly for inexperienced players – but to see the sheer number of in-game player deaths is eye-opening.

Elsewhere in its Elden Ring analysis, Bandai Namco also revealed that keen players have taken part in around 5.9 billion boss battles in their quest across the Lands Between. Malenia is the most-fought boss, with players attempting to fight her in around 329 million battles. Most of these were probably aided by legendary player Let Me Solo Her if we’re looking at the finer details – but that shouldn’t take away from the achievement.

One of the very first bosses, Margit, The Fell Omen, comes up next with 281 million battles, swiftly followed by Limgrave Tree Sentinel at 277 million, and Radagon of the Golden Order at 148 million. These battles were aided by one billion summons, and the top five spells cast: Rock Sling, Crystal Torrent, Glintstone Pebble, Greatblade Phalanx, and Rotten Breath.

These statistics are a rather good bit of fun, and give a quirky insight into the action of Elden Ring – and just how dangerous its battles can be. Let Me Solo Her isn’t always around to help players, and that shows in the sheer number of Tarnished heroes that have already bitten the dust. With the game continuing to enjoy heightened popularity, it’s likely more players will enter Valhalla before Elden Ring‘s time in the sun is over.

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