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Dragon Age Dreadwolf gameplay leaks online

New footage from the upcoming Dreadwolf reportedly looks inspired by God of War.
dragon age dreadwolf gameplay footage

Footage allegedly from an alpha build of Dragon Age Dreadwolf has made its way online, courtesy of a Reddit user. A video and screenshots of the game were briefly published on a Reddit thread, with the poster claiming they came from an official game playtester. In addition to these images and snippets, a detailed description of the complete game footage – not all of which was posted – accompanied the alleged leak.

‘It’s about 20 minutes of gameplay involving one segment/dungeon. The entire gameplay is set within the the Gray Warden fortress HQ of Weisshaupt,’ leaker revanchisto said.

‘The player character is an Elvish “Knight” Class (the character screen actually says they are a mid-level Grey Warden), they’ve got a sword and a shield. They also have two party members, another knight dude and a female dwarf rogue. I suspect both models are placeholders and they won’t actually look like they do in the final game.’

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‘Darkspawn are currently attacking Weisshaupt and there are roots all over the place alongside Red Lyrium popping up here and there. Oddly, the darkspawn also apparently are infused with Red Lyrium and have Red Lyrium attacks and some have red eyes. The objective is to fight through the Darkspawn to get to the library, but as you are doing so there is also a big ass dragon attacking from above … It ends once you reach the library, close the gates, and then come face to face with the dragon.’

Further analysis by the Reddit user indicates the action is ‘similar to a hack and slash’ like God of War (2018), which is reportedly a core inspiration for the game’s development team. In addition to streamlined combat, the full footage also reportedly shows animation quality that has been ‘drastically’ improved, with fluid movement, and great character hair noted.

While much of the early footage and screenshots posted have since been taken down, they are being reposted across social media, to the delight of fans. They’re now pouring over every inch of the new leak, analysing details including the game’s refreshed combat style, and the mysteries of its Weisshaupt setting.

We’ll have to wait a bit longer for an official first look at the game, but for now, there are tantalising clues waiting in these leaked tidbits. For those who’ve been waiting a long time to hear more from Dragon Age 4, the temptation of diving in will likely be too strong to resist.

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