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What’s new in the February 2023 Disney Dreamlight Valley update

Disney Dreamlight Valley has received its third major content update. Here's everything you can expect.
disney dreamlight valley festival of friendship

The latest update for Disney Dreamlight Valley is now live, with all players invited to join the newly-minted ‘Festival of Friendship‘ celebration. Alongside fresh features and gameplay tweaks, you’ll find new friends in this update, as well as an anniversary-themed Star Path, new story quests, and a Premium Shop home to exclusive cosmetic items.

Here’s a rundown of everything new in the latest Disney Dreamlight Valley update.

Encanto‘s Mirabel and Frozen‘s Olaf have joined the Valley

Two new characters are now available in the game: Mirabel from Encanto, and Olaf the Snowman, from Frozen. Both can be befriended, with each friendship level gifting players a themed item.

The update will allow you to build a mini version of the magical Casita from Encanto, although Mirabel will be occupying this home alone, for now. She’ll help ‘resolve family conflicts’ and ‘restore harmony back to Dreamlight Valley’ in a variety of fetch quests.

Olaf, meanwhile, will help players unlock the secrets of the Frosted Heights biome, which has been overtaken by a powerful blizzard. Both Elsa and Merlin will also help to solve this mystery, which advances the main plot of the game.

A new Star Path spotlights the history of Disney

disney dreamlight valley gameloft
Image: Gameloft

A new Star Path also kicks off with the latest update. Known as the ‘Centennial Star Path’, this goal-based achievement tracker will allow players to unlock items celebrating the 100th anniversary of Disney. You’ll be able to dress up Mickey and Minnie in snazzy new outfits (pictured above) during the course of your quest, and nab items like a film camera, movie posters, couches, and beds as you tick off goals.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is getting a Premium Shop

As revealed by developer Gameloft, Disney Dreamlight Valley will also be getting a Premium Shop alongside the Festival of Friendship content. This shop contains items including clothing, furniture and other customisation items that can only be bought with Moonstones, the premium currency found in the game.

Moonstones can be bought by players for real-life money, and it’s also found in minimal amounts in chests around the Valley.

Other gameplay features and tweaks

In addition to providing a new story and characters, the latest update for Disney Dreamlight Valley is also introducing a range of smaller features including:

  • The ability to change the look of your house with new House Dream Styles available for purchase in the Premium Shop, and the ability to select a new colour for your house from the Furniture Menu.
  • New storage optimisation options that allow players to craft additional types of chests.
  • New craftable signposts for players to better label their chests.
  • An update to interior doors that allow them to be changed even, after fully upgrading your house.
  • Daily Moonstone chests will now give 50 Moonstones, instead of 10 Moonstones.
  • Fridges are now storage chests.
  • You can now auto-sort your items in storage.
  • All characters have gained new daily discussion topics.
  • You can now craft Role Training Manuals to change the roles of your villagers.

Perhaps most essentially – and most secretly – you can also now use the mystery Golden Potato first gifted to players several months ago. Beware spoilers ahead.

How to use the Golden Potato in Disney Dreamlight Valley

As revealed by YouTuber user Tinkerlily, you can now take the Golden Potato to the Mystical Cave in the lower part of Dreamlight Valley, and place it on the pedestal near the three crop statues.

Select the Transfiguration Tablet on the pedestal, place the Golden Potato on the slab, and it will evolve to become a Golden Carrot.

Then, visit Elsa’s cave with the Golden Carrot, and find another Transfiguration Tablet on a nearby table. Use the Golden Carrot with this tablet, and you’ll get a Golden Crab.

The Golden Crab needs to be brought to the Dream Castle, to the top floor where another Transfiguration Tablet lies. This will change the crab to a Golden Night Thorn. Take this thorn to Merlin’s House, where another transfiguration tablet turns the thorn into a Golden Potion.

This appears to be the final evolution of the Golden Potato for now – but its purpose remains a mystery.

You can see full instructions for this mystery solution below:

Disney Dreamlight Valley is now available in early access for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Windows PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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