Diablo 4: Vessel of Hatred announced as first major expansion

Diablo 4 is getting its first major story expansion in 2024.
diablo 4 vessel of hatred

Blizzard Entertainment has announced the first major expansion for Diablo 4 during BlizzCon 2023, teasing the arrival of Vessel of Hatred with a mysterious new trailer and story details. It appears this new chapter will harken back to Diablo history, with Mephisto, one of the franchise’s Prime Evils, taking centre stage in a new tale following on from the main campaign of Diablo 4.

Players will visit a new region to take down Mephisto, and there will also be a brand-new class included – one “never before seen in the Diablo universe”. Here’s the official description for the upcoming expansion, courtesy of Blizzard:

“Vessel of Hatred continues the grim tale that began in Diablo IV, as you learn the fate of the prime evil Mephisto and his demonic plans for Sanctuary. To do that, you’ll be visiting a region new to Diablo IV, known by the locals as Nahantu. With this continuation of the campaign’s story comes new ways to play, new evils to vanquish, and a brand-new Class never before seen in the Diablo universe.”

Currently, the new expansion is set to launch in late 2024, with fresh details incoming mid-year.

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The trailer for the upcoming expansion gives away very little, only shining a spotlight on a jungle environment and a deep, sinister voice (likely Mephisto) doling out threats. Given the importance of Mephisto to Diablo, and particularly to Diablo 4 – he is Lilith’s father, after all – it’s likely he’ll be a formidable foe for intrepid players.

Before his arrival, it appears there’ll be plenty of other reasons to dive into Diablo 4, with the game’s second season now live, and an incoming third season set to introduce a new challenge dungeon, and more. Over the holiday period, there will also be a new seasonal event, with Midwinter Blight introducing a “red-cloaked terror” in Fractured Peaks, beginning on 12 December 2023.

You can learn more about everything on the way for Diablo 4 in the latest Blizzard Entertainment blog post.

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