Diablo 4 – Season 2 introduces vampire questlines and abilities

The latest season of Diablo 4 is set to get bloody, with the inclusion of vampires.
diablo 4 season of blood

Diablo 4 will introduce bloody vampires in its second major season of content, subtitled Season of Blood. The new chapter launches on 17 October 2023, and will herald the arrival of new questlines, vampiric powers, and endgame bosses, with each having easier targeting for Unique and Uber Unique items.

Per story details revealed by Blizzard following Gamescom 2023 Opening Night Live, the second season’s plot will see vampires unleashed on Sanctuary, in service of a mysterious dark master. Here’s the official description:

‘At the behest of their dark master, a newly turned army of ravenous vampires has set their sights on Sanctuary. The master’s sinister plot remains a shrouded mystery but their pursuit for the blood of innocents has caused an uproar. You must learn to hunt the hunter – your fate depends on it.’

Players will learn to harness new abilities in their vampire slaying quests – although it’s currently unclear whether new powers will be tied to classes in any significant way. Recently, Diablo Immortal introduced a new vampire-like Blood Knight class with special abilities, although Blizzard is yet to confirm whether Season of Blood players will also be getting this option. Thematically, it would certainly make sense.

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Regardless of class, your journey to fight back against the vampire hordes will include the arrival of powerful vampire hunter, Erys (played by actress Gemma Chan), who likely has her own hidden secrets. She’ll play a key part in the next game chapter, and should be a worthy fighting companion.

Diablo 4 is getting new quality-of-life improvements

With the new update in October, Diablo 4 will also be getting a range of quality-of-life tweaks to improve gameplay, including better inventory management, carry-over for capacity upgrades to Paragon Points, Skill Points, Potions Charges, and Obol, and changes to status effects like Vulnerable, Overpower, Critical Strike Damage, and Elemental Resistances.

We’re likely to get a deeper look at Diablo 4: Season of Blood in the coming weeks, as Blizzard reveals more about its abundance of vampires, and how players will be able to adopt new abilities to aid their battles against the vampiric hordes.

Season of Blood is set to launch on 17 October 2023.

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