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Diablo 4 release date officially revealed in new trailer

The release date for Blizzard Entertainment's Diablo 4 has officially been revealed at The Game Awards 2022, after several leaks.
Diablo 4

The release date for Blizzard’s upcoming gothic dungeon crawler Diablo 4 was officially revealed at The Game Awards 2022 in a new trailer. The game will arrive on 6 June 2023, as was previously rumoured.

The trailer premiered following a performance from pop artist Halsey, who sang a song themed around the game’s primary antagonist, Lillith.


Diablo 4 has recently been in the news after allegations of crunch and poor management within the team came from some developers, speaking to The Washington Post. The employees claimed that the game’s June 2023 release date would be difficult to hit and would require major sacrifices.

‘We’re at the point where they’re not willing to delay the game anymore,’ one developer said. ‘So we all just have to go along and figure out how much we’re willing to hurt ourselves to make sure the game gets released in a good enough state.’

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In GamesHub’s recent preview of an in-development build of Diablo 4, we remarked that the game’s return to a dark and gothic atmosphere, as well as a bigger focus on the story, were some of the key factors that looked to set it apart from the other titles in the series.

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