Detailed video game funding resource released by IGEA

If you want to know how to get funding for your video game project, this comprehensive IGEA resource is full of universal tips and leads.
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Australia’s peak video game industry body IGEA has created and released a comprehensive resource that outlines the various funding avenues available to developers in the country. The IGEA investment resource not only lists a number of sources of funding, but outlines appropriate methods of funding for different stages of a project’s development, as well as project size.

At first blush, it seems to be a clear overview of the funding process that can be easily understood by those aspiring to begin a project. The document uses charts and infographics to explain the potential stages of the development process, as well as the likelihood and potential sources of finance that pertain to each.

Also present is a flowchart to help discern where someone might be on their game development journey.

A guide to game funding sources, via the IGEA Investment Resource
Source: IGEA Investment Resource

The resource is rounded out by a comprehensive glossary which demystifies common financial terms, as well as a hefty list of companies and organisations who provide different types of game funding in both Australia as well as in Europe and the US – venture capital, government funding, publishers, and more.

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The IGEA Investment Resource is well worth a read for anyone thinking about getting involved in game development and looking to make a plan, already involved in game development and looking for leads, or even for any enthusiasts interested in getting educated in how the sausage is made.

IGEA is accompanying the launch of the resource with two Webinars on 23 February and 2 March, which deal with venture capital and equity investment. Details can be found on the IGEA website.

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