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Cult of the Lamb DLC expansion Relics of the Old Faith announced

Cult of the Lamb's latest update will introduce a post-game storyline, and new collectible items.
cult of the lamb relics of the old faith

Cult of the Lamb is set to get its first major post-game story update, Relics of the Old Faith, on 24 April 2023. The news was announced during the latest Nintendo Indie World, where developer Massive Monster revealed this free update will include a new storyline focussing on a mysterious being that demands journey through new gauntlets, using the powers granted by strange and ancient Relics that bestow unfathomable power.

These Relics form the mystery at the heart of the new story expansion, and will become essential for surviving new trials. Each will provide the Lamb with unique skills, improving their combat and survival abilities. More powerful Relics can also be unlocked by holding new Sermons.

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In addition to this new storyline, Relics of the Old Faith will also introduce a number of changes for Cult of the Lamb loyalists. In combat, the Lamb will now be able to use a heavy attack, which will come in handy as the difficulty of dungeons will also ramp up.

As for home life in your cult, a number of new features are also being introduced to streamline everyday living. After downloading the new update, players be able to assign a follower to prepare meals autonomously, and the debuting Shared Shelter will also enable flocks to share bed space.

A new Crypt building will also help keep any risky affairs in order, as this can be used to hide bodies from the eyes of curious cult members. Meanwhile, new Farm Plot Signs will distract away from any strangeness your followers may notice on your campsite.

Finally, the Relics of the Old Faith update will introduce new follower forms – badgers, penguins, raccoons, and more – as well as a photo mode to capture your favourite memories of living and thriving alongside your cult.

Cult of the Lamb: Relics of the Old Faith launches on 24 April 2023.

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