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Chaos Theory’s Crab God will have a real world environmental impact

Crab God is currently set to release for PC in 2024.
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Australian studio Chaos Theory Games has announced a publishing partnership with Firesquid (USC: Counterforce, Reus 2) to bring upcoming, environmentally-minded strategy game Crab God to the world. The game, set to launch in 2024, is described as an “underwater strategic sidescroller” where players will control an army of tiny little Crablings as they work to birth a new “Crab God.”

“Taking on a god-like role, players must direct their Crabling disciples to plant new life along the sea bed, nurturing a diverse ecosystem of flora and fauna and clearing away destructive debris,” the game’s description reads. “Diving deeper, players will encounter deadlier threats and murkier waters in the fight to revive the reef and migrate to safety.”

As announced by Chaos Theory Games, rewards in the game will be twofold. As players invest more into their Crabling colony, their sea beds will thrive – but their efforts will also make an impact on the real world.

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To highlight Crab God‘s underlying message of valuing the natural ecosystem and every creature within it, Chaos Theory Games has integrated tech into the game.

As players invest time into Crab God, their in-game actions will inspire real world change, as rewards virtual milestones with firm climate action – working with partners to plant trees, scrape plastic from the ocean, buy land for reserves, and protect marine and forest areas.

“From the beginning, we wanted Crab God to positively impact the planet,” Nico King, Executive Creative Director at Chaos Theory told GamesHub. “We decided early that we would be donating a portion of the game’s revenue to support conservation efforts. However, we wanted to ensure that the causes being supported were obvious to the player, and we ideally wanted to integrate them into gameplay.”

“ was the perfect fit for our design goals. They provide a tool that allows players to choose the specific cause they want to support, and has allowed us to integrate unlocking these rewards into gameplay. It’s all factored into the price of the game, so no additional payments are required from the player.”

Chaos Theory has always aimed to create games that contribute to making the world and its environment better – and it appears the studio’s new foray with will considerably aid this goal. Crab God looks like it’ll be a very wholesome experience, made much sweeter by the knowledge that it will have a very real impact on the global environment.

Crab God launches for PC via Steam in 2024. Stay tuned for more news.

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