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Aussie game Cozy Caravan hits early access in May 2024

Cozy Caravan and its many cutesy critters are arriving on PC in early access later this month.
cozy caravan game

If you’re seeking a slice of paradise, then upcoming adventure-life-sim Cozy Caravan from Aussie developer 5 Lives Studios (Windbound) should be on your radar when it enters PC early access on 16 May 2024. Ahead of launch, a new trailer has shown off plenty of lovely vibes, adorable villagers to befriend, and a heap of neat-looking gameplay mechanics.

In this tale, you are a tiny creature in charge of a big caravan, journeying to new realms with your best friend, Bubba (a giant bee). In various locales, you’ll set up your caravan, then make a cosy home of your surrounds.

You’ll meet cutesy villagers, craft and gather materials, fish and farm, then set up a market, and trade with the locals. You’ll also be able to take on mini-quests to help out your new village, and discover a range of special activities, like stone-skipping.

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You can check out the early access launch trailer for Cozy Caravan below:

What is most striking about Cozy Caravan beyond its adorable, tiny character designs and cosy, aesthetic world, is the game’s use of low frame rate animation. While the game’s world is smooth and clean, each character is animated with a stop motion-like style, giving them the appearance of tiny clay figures. It’s a very different animation style than is typically used in games, and it looks gorgeous in motion.

As announced, early access players will be able to explore this game and its many quirks at length, with the game’s first major region being included at launch. This will include a variety of quests to take on and characters to befriend, as well as special activities. Later in early access, there will be a new region added, and more regions will come to the game after its version 1.0 release.

You can learn more about Cozy Caravan and its upcoming early access period on the game’s Steam page. Stay tuned to GamesHub for more on Cozy Caravan.

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