Breath of the Wild 2 reportedly releases in November 2022

Industry insiders have claimed The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 is releasing in November 2022.
breath of the wild 2

It’s been a good long while since fans have seen a glimpse of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2, leading many to speculate about the game’s release date and when we’ll see more of Nintendo‘s most anticipated new title. Some assumed The Game Awards 2021 would be the perfect showcase for further information, but since the event has come and gone with no details, fans have begun to wonder about the game’s future. Despite this, industry insiders claim the title is still on track for 2022.

This report comes courtesy of IGN boss Peer Schneider, who recently took to the Nintendo Voice Chat podcast to talk about The Game Awards, and the future of the industry. During the show, Schneider claimed Breath of the Wild 2 was still ‘on track’ for a 2022 release, despite the game not appearing in any recent showcases.

November 2022 was fingered as the planned release date, although Schneider did not share a source beyond mentions of talking with Nintendo staff members who attended the Game Awards.

At this stage, a later 2022 release seems likely, particularly given that we’ve heard very little of the game so far. Beyond an early trailer shown off at E3 2021 and various tidbits, we don’t know much yet — and while the rumour is still very unofficial, the news is promising.

New Nintendo patents may reveal more about Breath of the Wild 2

Despite Breath of the Wild 2 still being a major mystery, there are some details already leaking out around the game, namely via patents first spotted by Gamereactor.

These patents, filed by Nintendo, appear to detail new abilities Link will gain over the course of Breath of the Wild 2. The first details a ‘time rewinding’ ability that allows objects to be reset and moved back to their original location, potentially to be used in a new version of the original game’s shrines.

The second patent details an ability allowing Link to ‘pass through’ ceilings in some manner, while the third details the ability to free fall while moving and attacking enemies, an action first seen in the game’s early trailer.

How these patents play into Breath of the Wild 2 is currently unknown, but it’s a good sign that development is well underway. There’s no doubt we’ll hear much more about the game as we head towards 2022. For now, Breath of the Wild 2 appears to be on track to hit its planned release window, but stay tuned to hear more.

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