Bandai Namco has cancelled five unannounced games

Bandai Namco has revealed sweeping changes, following underwhelming financial results.
bandai namco cancelled games

Bandai Namco has revealed it has cancelled five unannounced games and revamped its internal criteria for game development, following a period of disappointing financial results. Per its recent earnings report, surfaced by IGN, a number of recent game release underperformed on expectations, leading to necessary stricter rules for projects in the works.

Going forward, Bandai Namco will make tougher decisions about which games proceed to full development after the concept stage ends – largely as games are now more difficult and costly to develop.

At this stage, the nature of the cancelled games is currently unknown, and we’re unlikely to hear more from these projects – although given Bandai Namco’s bread and butter, we can assume at least a few were licensed projects, potentially based on anime properties.

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Elsewhere in its latest financial report, Bandai Namco had better things to say about the company’s upcoming financial year. It has high hopes for many of its new projects, including an upcoming DLC for Elden Ring, as well as Little Nightmares 3, Sand Land, and Dragon Ball: Sparkling! Zero.

It is also very positive about the early success of Tekken 8, which has reportedly sold over 2 million copies since launch in January 2024. With the game anticipated to hit global fighting game tournaments in the coming months, it’s likely this popularity will be boosted and sustained over a longterm period.

While Bandai Namco has expressed disappointment about its financial results in the last quarter, due to a number of underperforming games, there will likely be a significant uptick to report in future. Stay tuned for the latest from Bandai Namco.

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