Antstream Arcade brings 1,300 retro games to Xbox

Mortal Kombat, Pac-Man, Earthworm Jim, and more are now available to play on Xbox consoles.
antstream arcade game subscription service xbox

Antstream Arcade, a cloud-based retro game subscription service, is now available natively on Xbox. The service contains around 1,300 retro games, including titles like Mortal Kombat, Pac-Man, Asteroids, Earthworm Jim, Double Dragon, and Super Star Wars, each of which can be streamed to modern platforms by subscribers.

While originally set up as a service for the preservation of classic games – many of which are in danger of disappearing entirely – it has since evolved to support modern ‘retro’ releases by indie developers, like Turbo Tomato from NIVRIG Games, and community-based play with retro game challenges.

As detailed by Antstream, every title included in its Arcade subscription service is officially licensed by the rights holders. While it relies on emulation, every game has been included with permission, allowing Antstream to gather and preserve retro titles in an official capacity.

Xbox is now supporting the endeavour, with the long-running service – which includes PS1-era and Nintendo games – officially available on console, in a strange twist.

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‘Many of us grew up playing these games, so the ability to stream them on Xbox consoles and share these experiences with our friends and family is incredible,’ Sarah Bond, CVP of game creator experience and ecosystem at Microsoft said in a press release. ‘We’re pleased that with Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub’s technology benefits and Azure cloud services we can help enable Antstream to reach more players.’

Per Antstream, the launch will allow the team to continue preserving and delivering retro games in future, and avoid the ‘pain’ of seeing games ‘lost to time’. The team is currently ‘crafting a catalogue of titles which raise awareness of gaming history and keep the spirit of their creators alive.’

Antstream Arcade is now available for Xbox consoles, with a one-year subscription costing USD $29.99, and a lifetime subscription going for USD $79.99.

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