Alone in the Dark gets second delay, will now release in March 2024

Alone in the Dark is shifting so its developers can avoid Christmas crunch.
alone in the dark reboot game release date

Alone in the Dark, the upcoming horror survival reboot from Pieces Interactive and THQ Nordic, has been delayed for a second time. While originally set to launch in late 2023, and then January 2024, it has now been pushed back to 20 March 2024. As with all delays, the move has been made for a good reason: to ensure developers don’t crunch over the holiday period.

In a statement, game publisher THQ Nordic confirmed the game’s January release date would put added pressure on developers during a time that should be more “jolly” for everyone.

“The year is coming to an end, and the Christmas holidays are upon us. However, until today, it didn’t seem that way for Pieces Interactive, the team developing our upcoming survival-horror game, Alone in the Dark,” the publisher said. “With our initially planned release date in January 2024, the Christmas season would have been filled with stress and anything but a jolly time for them.”

“Therefore, THQ Nordic and Pieces Interactive have decided to give Alone in the Dark a new release date: March 20, 2024. The well-being of the teams is a top priority, and both companies want to avoid any potential crunch over the Christmas holidays. Furthermore, THQ Nordic and Pieces Interactive want to ensure that the game not only meets but exceeds the expectations of the community, especially with the outstanding performances of Hollywood stars David and Jodie as the main protagonists.”

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“We understand that many people are eagerly awaiting the release, but your patience will be rewarded. We are thrilled to scare the living daylights out of you on 20 March 2024.”

Despite this delay, there’s still plenty of reasons to look forward to the eventual release of the Alone in the Dark reboot. In an early preview of the game, which focussed on the horrifying adventures of young protagonist Grace, we saw a glimmer of its strong potential. This preview segment was littered with spooky happenings – including crocodiles in a mansion basement, and creepy mannequin-like figures moving on their own – with the scares being built naturally and without being too overt.

Should the rest of Alone in the Dark manage that balance of creeping horror well, this reboot will certainly make a mark in the modern survival horror genre – which the original Alone in the Dark helped pioneer.

For now, those looking forward to the game will need to stay patient until 20 March 2024.

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