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Alan Wake 2 launches in October 2023, claims voice actor

Alan Wake 2 has not been officially dated – but voice actor Matthew Porretta may have revealed Remedy's plans.
alan wake 2 full production

Alan Wake 2 could launch as early as October 2023 according to voice actor, Matthew Porretta. During a recent appearance on the Monsters, Madness, and Magic podcast, Porretta was asked about his foray into voice acting, and seemingly let slip the release date for Alan Wake 2 – despite this information likely being under strict NDA.

‘I’ve been working on it,’ Porretta said, of Alan Wake 2. ‘That’s supposed to come out in October – we’re just in the middle of working on it now. In fact, I was just in Finland last week. That’s where the company is from – Remedy, they’re amazing people.’

While this release date is yet to be confirmed by Remedy, and is still subject to major delays and other behind-the-scenes complications, Porretta has a front seat to the game’s development, and has worked closely with Remedy for more than a decade.

It’s fair to say an October 2023 release date for the game is highly possible – and that Porretta may be in slightly hot water for this seeming slip of the tongue.

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Whatever the consequences, it’s an exciting bit of news for fans of the Alan Wake franchise, who have waited patiently for updates. Remedy has remained fairly quiet about progress on this sequel in recent months, holding back on major gameplay trailers or teasers even as the game’s release window approaches.

In early 2023, it was reported that Alan Wake 2 was still on track for 2023, with the title ‘moving towards the final stage of full production’ as of April. This final stage is likely to include additional voice work – which may account for Porretta’s return to Finland, mentioned in the podcast.

Should work on the game be wrapping up officially, we can expect to hear more from Remedy in the coming weeks – potentially as part of the Summer Game Fest activities. Given the title was announced at Geoff Keighley’s Game Awards in 2021, a release date set for Keighley’s mid-year gaming celebration makes sense.

For now, we await firmer news as we head into the rush of June video game events. Expect Alan Wake 2 to make an appearance at Summer Game Fest – but take Porretta’s word with a grain of salt, for now.

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