Alan Wake 2 is nearing completion, on track for 2023

Alan Wake 2 is reportedly on track for its planned 2023 release.
alan wake 2 full production

In its latest financial update, developer Remedy Entertainment has confirmed that Alan Wake 2 is on track for release in 2023, as the game is now ‘moving towards the final stage of full production’. While the company hasn’t shared much publically about the title, the new update is a very welcome one, particularly given the tumultuous nature of post-pandemic game development.

In recent years, players have been conditioned to expect major delays for blockbuster games, due to development complications, the increased scope and size of these projects, and various other factors. While Alan Wake 2 may still slip out of 2023, it does appear Remedy Entertainment is confident in its progress. The game’s planned 2023 release was reiterated multiple times in the company’s latest report, which also revealed steady progress on Control 2, and the upcoming Max Payne 1&2 Remake.

Alan Wake 2 is on its way to becoming a great game and has everyone excited at Remedy,’ Tero Virtala, CEO of Remedy Entertainment said in the report. ‘We have started the last major phase of full production to get the game ready for launch later this year.’

‘The project is fully staffed, but we will be able to start scaling down the team size gradually as we progress towards the launch. These freed-up developers will contribute to our other game projects that are being driven towards the next stages of development.’

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In early 2023, Remedy confirmed Alan Wake 2 was completely playable from beginning to end. This latest update suggests solid progress has been made since then, and that Remedy has plenty of confidence in the upcoming title.

Elsewhere in its latest update, the company confirmed work on Control 2 is also excelling, with developers now focussing on world-building and gameplay mechanics.

Alongside this sequel, the studio is also developing Codename Condor, a co-op multiplayer game set in the same world as Control. This title is reportedly in the proof-of-concept stage, and ‘key designs’ for gameplay have now been locked down. Codename Vanguard, a free-to-play co-op game is also in the proof-of-concept stage, as is Max Payne 1&2 Remake, which is a modern reimagining of the first two Max Payne tales.

While these projects are gaining momentum, Remedy has made clear that Alan Wake 2 is its main priority over the next year, as it works towards release.

‘Our firm focus is on the upcoming launch of Alan Wake 2,’ Virtala confirmed. ‘While work still remains, I am impressed with the quality of the work and the development velocity of the team. The game holds a lot of promise … Alan Wake 2 will be a game that we will all be proud of and most importantly I am sure it will be a game that players will love to play.’

We can look forward to hearing more about this sequel in the coming months.

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