Alan Wake 2’s New Game Plus update is now live

Remedy Entertainment has officially released the highly-anticipated New Game Plus mode for Alan Wake 2.
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Alan Wake 2 has finally received its highly-anticipated New Game Plus update, introducing ‘The Final Draft’ – a second playthrough of the game with additional story content, and tweaks to the ending. No spoilers here, but if you’ve played the game once already, a second playthrough with New Game Plus sounds more than worth the effort.

“The Final Draft unveils a new ending to the layered story of Alan Wake, sure to spark speculation and theories among our dedicated fans,” Remedy said of the new content. “Additionally, there is new lore to be found in the form of a few new videos and manuscript pages that have been added to New Game Plus experience, along with other subtle additions.”

While there may not be firm closure in these additional chapters – there are, after all, still stories to be told in the game’s upcoming DLC expansions – it appears there will be new clues to pore over and analyse, relating to the struggles of dual protagonists Alan Wake and Saga Anderson.

Marketing around the New Game Plus mode also suggests the fan-favourite Control character Dr Casper Darling will also have a role to play in New Game Plus, potentially in newly-discoverable tapes. He appeared briefly in the base version of Alan Wake 2, although his appearance was not explained.

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Beyond story elements, Alan Wake 2‘s New Game Plus mode will also introduce a new Nightmare Difficulty level for those looking for added challenge – and to help out, players will retain all weapons, charms and character upgrades found in their original playthrough.

How to access Alan Wake 2‘s New Game Plus

To dive in deep with Alan Wake 2‘s newly-released New Game Plus mode, you will need to update your game (whether on PC, PlayStation 5, or Xbox Series X/S) to the latest version, if it hasn’t manually updated.

You will also need to ensure that you have a completed save of Alan Wake 2 on your chosen console, as The Final Draft will not be available unless you’ve already played through the base version of the game (it’s also likely to make more sense on a second playthrough).

If you’ve fulfilled both of these criteria, you should be able to kick off your New Game Plus adventure via the Final Draft option on the main game menu. Then, sit back, get ready to fight off strange dark forces, and prepare for a whole new trip to Cauldron Lake and beyond.

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