Fire Emblem Engage – Farmyard Animal Guide

Fire Emblem Engage, weirdly, lets you raise farmyard animals for crafting ingredients. Here's what each animal gives you.
Fire Emblem Engage Farmyard Animals Guide

Fire Emblem Engage is all about high-stakes, turn-based tactical battles. It’s also, weirdly, a game where you can adopt animals off the battlefield (once you’ve killed dozens of soldiers) and raise them in your farmyard, at the Sominel.

Choosing a selection of up to five animals to put out in the pasture will result in them producing a particular ingredient or crafting item for you the next time you visit the Somniel. The ingredients can be used to enhance your recipes when you’re cooking meals, which can result in increased stat boosts for the next battle. The Ingots are used in improving your weapons at the Smithy.

Of course, every animal produces a different ingredient or item, with some producing a random item from a set selection. To help you optimise your gains – and to let you know which animals produce rare ingredients, we’ve compiled this handy list. But first:

How do I adopt animals?

You adopt animals once you complete one of the game’s many tactical battles and are invited to roam around the battlefield, to talk to characters. You can find the animals by looking for the orange dots on the mini-map. Walk up to them, and hit the button to adopt them.

To adopt certain animals, however, you’ll need to make sure you’re donating gold to the various countries that exist on the continent in which the game takes place. You can do this via the bulletin board. One of the things we recommended in our Fire Emblem Engage tips guide is to make sure you’re saving your gold for just this reason.

Fire Emblem Engage – Farmyard Animal Item Guide

Animal NameIngredient Provided
Elyosian SheepMilk
White Hop RabbitBerries
Hop RabbitBerries
Eastern FreecatSalmon
Western FreecatSardines
Southern FreecatSalmon
Northern FreecatCod
Firenese CateCarp
Brodian CatHerring
Elusian CatCod
Solmic CatEel
Calisson ChickenEggs
Aura EaglePork/Beef/Chicken/Mutton
Panna CamelBeans/Wheat Flour
Elyosian PigeonNuts
Elyosian SeagullNuts
Elyosian DogIron/Silver/Steel Ingot
Black Elyosian DogIron/Silver/Steel Ingot
White Elyosian DogIron/Silver/Steel Ingot
Mère DonkeyRare Vegetable
Rutile MarmotRare Fruit
Vervain DeerRare Vegetable
Tartu FlamingoRare Fish

Fire Emblem Engage is available now on Nintendo Switch. Find it on Amazon.

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