The best Christmas gifts for Xbox lovers

This Christmas, give the gift of Xbox to your nearest and dearest with these snazzy ideas.
xbox gift guide christmas 2022

Buying Christmas gifts for someone who likes video games can be complicated. There are so many factors – preferred brands, favourite games, whether they like statues or figurines, or whether they’re really, really into collecting controllers. If you’ve got an Xbox lover in your life, for example, you might consider buying a colourful new console accessory, or a brand new game. But where do you start?

That’s where this gift guide comes in. If you’re struggling for ideas, but you know the gamer in your life is an Xbox fiend, then read on. These ideas are by no means the end of your search, but they may provide some inspiration for your shopping in December.

Here’s what the GamesHub editorial team recommends for Xbox lovers this Christmas.

A custom Xbox controller – from AU $99.95

xbox christmas gifts

The Xbox Design Lab is an impressive and extremely fun controller customisation service run by Microsoft itself. Within the online interface, you can hop in and create your own special controller by choosing colours, patterns and special add-ons that suit your style. These custom controllers start from AU $99.95, and make for awesome, personal Christmas gifts.

Sure, they’re a novelty – and they function exactly the same as your standard Xbox controllers. But there’s something so cool about designing a controller that unique to your tastes. While they do take several weeks to arrive, they’re an excellent gift option.

If you’re not keen to go the custom route, there are also plenty of snazzy controllers available online, including some of our favourite colours:

Clip Mount for Remote Play – AU $19.99

xbox christmas gifts

The Xbox Series X and Series S feature remote play functionality, with most home internet setups being able to handle direct game streaming to mobile devices. The only issue with this novel system is you’ll need to balance holding a phone with holding a controller as you play – but luckily, a clip mount fixes this easily.

By attaching a mount to a controller, you can essentially play games anywhere, with your phone acting as a mini gaming screen. Simple, yes, but a very effective tool for making remote play more accessible and convenient.

Before grabbing one of these, you should check your Xbox-loving fiend can actually use remote play, or has a hearty internet connection to use the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Cloud Gaming service, but if they do – it’s a very thoughtful gift.

Xbox Series S – AU $445.95

The Xbox Series S is now more affordable than it’s ever been, with the console typically floating around the AU $450 mark. You’ll really need to think about a purchase like this, and save it for the most loved people in your life – but if you know someone who’s looking to make the console upgrade, a Series S is a very worthy gifting option.

While the Series X is the more powerful ‘next gen’ Xbox console, the Series S performs very well on its own, and provides the capability of enjoying the latest games at a cheaper cost. As we head towards 2023, there’ll be plenty of Xbox console exclusives on the way, and if you don’t want the Xbox fan in your life to miss out, a new console could be in order.

OPI x Xbox Nail Lacquer – AU $20-40

It’s rare that gaming companies collaborate with beauty brands, but when it happens, it’s truly glorious. One of the most recent collaborations has been with OPI and Xbox, who worked together to create a range of ‘gamer’ nail polish shades. While the concept of ‘gamer nail polish’ is a bit funny, the colour range they produced is actually stunning. Each colour is also long-lasting, colourful, and easy to apply.

Here’s the full collection below, ranked by our favourite colours:

If you’d prefer to shop in-store, the entire collection is also available at Myer in Australia.

New Xbox games – AU $50-80

It just makes sense, right? If you’ve got an Xbox fan in your life, there’s almost no doubt they’ll be on the hunt for their next big gaming adventure. So, where do you start? There’s been plenty of great video game releases in 2022, and any of them would make for great Xbox-themed gifts.

Here are a few of our favourite recent releases:

Seagate 2TB Xbox Game Drive – AU $119.00

At a certain point in every gamer’s life, they hit a wall. A storage wall, that is. Games are very big now. Huge, in fact. If you’ve get even a handful of AAA adventure games stored on a console, space gets tight fast – particularly when consoles only have around 1TB of available storage.

Purchasing an additional hard drive designed for use with these consoles will open up their potential, and let keen players store more of their favourite games at once. While on the surface, a hard drive may seem like a boring gift, it’s also very practical. If it doesn’t come in handy now, it will eventually – and you’ll feel very smug for helping out.

The Seagate 2TB model designed for Xbox is a great, affordable pick but there are also other options, in the form of a plain 4TB model (AU $199), or a snazzy green 4TB model (AU $239).

Xbox Game Pass Subscription (3 Months) – AU $47.95

Xbox Game Pass is a very handy subscription service to have. It provides a massive library of playable games for new and veteran Xbox fans alike, with every game being freely downloadable. Each month, the service also gets a flood of new games, including some new releases. This saves players a lot of money on the latest releases, and also allows immediate access to blockbusters and indie games alike.

Even if the Xbox fan in your life is already an Xbox Game Pass subscriber, nabbing a few extra months for their subscription is a great gift option. It’ll save them some time and money, while giving them all the benefits of the much-loved service.

Rechargeable Battery Pack – AU $39.99

Picture this: you’re in the heat of battle, enemy soldiers advancing on all sides. Suddenly, there’s an opening: if you take your shot, you can win the match and put away the encroaching hordes for good. But alas – the screen goes dim. Your controller is out of charge. What do you do?

If you’re lucky, you have a few spare batteries running around your home. If you’re even luckier, you have a set of rechargeable battery packs, and you can easily reload your controller to keep playing as long as you like.

Having one or two of these rechargeable batteries on hand is an absolute need, particularly if the gamer in your life loves longer playing sessions. There’s nothing worse than having to wait for a controller to charge – but with two batteries, they’ll easily be able to swap between them to keep the good vibes going.

Halo: The Official Cookbook – AU $43.75

xbox christmas gift guide

If the gamer in your life loves Xbox, it’s also more than likely they’ll love Halo – the flagship, exclusive property for the company. This space-faring series has more than enough merchandise to fill a list like this, but we’re going to handpick a few favourite options – like the official Halo cookbook.

There’s just something special about cooking meals derived from your favourite video game. It makes you feel a little bit closer to the worlds you love, and you get to enjoy a nice meal.

If you’ve ever wanted to know what space really tastes like, the Halo cookbook would make for a great gift. Plus, it might guilt your receiver into making a delicious treat for you. Win-win.

The Halo Encyclopaedia – AU $64.65

xbox christmas gift guide

If cooking isn’t quite the flavour for your gamer, the Halo series still has plenty of other great tie-in merchandise to pick from, including meaty art, story, and development books. If you’re looking to expand the horizons of your gift receiver, the Halo Encyclopaedia might be a useful learning tool. If not, never fret – there’s also a bunch of other tomes we can recommend, including:

The Game Console 2.0 – AU $53.65

xbox christmas gifts

The Game Console 2.0: A Photographic History from Atari to Xbox is a dense hardcover book that gives meaty insights into the history of the home console, with the legacy of classic devices tracked across the decades. It makes for a great coffee table book, and includes intricate photos of each console component alongside revelatory tidbits.

While the original Xbox is only a small part of this photographic history, it’s always good to see where consoles come from, and how they’ve evolved over the years. This book would make for a very insightful, interesting gift for the right person.

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