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age of mythology retold release date 2024

Age of Mythology: Retold set to launch in 2024

Age of Mythology: Retold is officially coming to PC and Xbox consoles this year.

avowed gameplay

Obsidian releases deep dive into Avowed gameplay

A new 25-minute showcase has revealed more about the upcoming game, and how it spins out of Pillars of Eternity.

Forza Motorsport 2023 Turn 10 Studios Interview

The new Forza Motorsport feels like a training program (in a good way)

Turn 10 Studios tells us how the reboot of Forza Motorsport is doubling down on approachability, and rewarding good driving…

avowed rpg adventure game

Obsidian's Avowed was originally designed for multiplayer co-op

According to Obsidian Entertainment founder Feargus Urquhart, the idea was more appealing to publishers.

Dave Bautista and Marcus Fenix in Gears of War 5

New Gears of War game staffing up at The Coalition

Gears of War developer The Coalition is staffing with senior developers, specifically for the next Gears of War game.

Hi-Fi Rush xbox exclusives ps5 nintendo

Hi-Fi Rush, the surprise Xbox exclusive game, is pure delight

The exuberant, fun-loving attitude of Hi-Fi Rush, along with its excellent rhythm combat, make it one of the must-play games…

Pentiment interview with Hannah Kennedy Art Director at Obsidian Entertainment

Pentiment's Art Director talks about creating a striking style, and delicious food

Hannah Kennedy talks about the tight-knit creation of Pentiment, and how they arrived at such a unique visual identity.

Pentiment game review xbox pc

Pentiment review - Making history

Pentiment is a sophisticated work of historical fiction, an adventure steeped in conscientious period detail, with a setting that feels…


Pentiment would not have existed without Xbox Game Pass, says Obsidian

It's an exciting new experimental narrative adventure from a celebrated studio. But only Microsoft could make it happen.

As Dusk Falls review PC Xbox

As Dusk Falls Review - A Rare, Introspective Drama

Focused and grounded, As Dusk Falls is a strong and effective example of how to make interactive character drama work.

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