New Gears of War game staffing up at The Coalition

Gears of War developer The Coalition is staffing with senior developers, specifically for the next Gears of War game.
Dave Bautista and Marcus Fenix in Gears of War 5

The next Gears of War game appears to be underway at longtime developer, The Coalition, if a new job listing is any indication. The continuation of one of the more iconic franchises on the Xbox roster doesn’t particularly come as a surprise, but it’s confirmation of what will likely be the next big project at the studio.

The listing is for a ‘Senior Gameplay Designer – Gears of War – The Coalition,’ and was posted on Microsoft’s careers page at the tail end of February 2023. The desired skillset for applicants includes experience in ‘Character, Camera and Controls (3Cs), or artificial intelligence (AI) systems,’ which certainly sounds like the core tenants required for a Gears of War (GOW) game.

The news comes just a few weeks after news from industry insider Jeff Grubb of Giant Bomb, who reported on his show Game Mess Mornings that The Coalition had shelved two projects it was previously working on. According to Grubb, GOW6 was now the studio’s sole focus.

Gears of War, which revolves around an interplanetary feud between humans and an alien race called the Locust, remains one of Microsoft’s most respectable properties after it acquired the rights from Epic Games (Fortnite) in 2014. It was one of the best-selling video game franchises on the Xbox 360, and popularised third-person, cover-based shooting action.

Since the acquisition, Microsoft and The Coalition have released GOW4 and GOW5, as well as a strategic spinoff game, Gears Tactics. The company also has a partnership with Netflix to develop a live-action film based on the universe, as well as an adult animated series.

It’s likely that we won’t hear more details on the next Gears of War for some time. But we can be certain that Microsoft will want to ensure the series’ debut during the Xbox Series X/S generation is a big one.

The next Gears of War will likely be released for Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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