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Tempopo Best of 2022 Screen Australia funding

Screen Australia announces $3 million support for selection of local games

Screen Australia has revealed the recipients of its latest round of digital games funding.

game developer screen australia fund

Screen Australia launches First Nations Game Studio Fund

Screen Australia has launched its inaugural First Nations Game Studio Fund, which exists in addition to the Games: Expansion Pack…

chad toprak screen australia games investment manager

Screen Australia recruits Freeplay's Chad Toprak

Games industry leader Chad Toprak will join Screen Australia as its Games Investment Manager.

bilkins folly games expansion fund

Screen Australia introduces new Aussie game fund recipients

Screen Australia will support 11 emerging Australian-made games with its latest round of funding.

Digital Games Tax Offset Federal Albanese Labor Government

Australian Government to officially enact Digital Game Tax Offset

The new Australian Labor Government has committed to backing the Digital Games Tax Offset, which will bolster the local games…

Totem Teller Australian Writer's Guild Narrative Design

Screen Australia's Games Investment Manager talks industry support

Screen Australia's Games Investment Manager Amelia Laughlan chats about her role and supporting the burgeoning local games industry.

games expansion pack fund screen australia

Screen Australia reopens applications for Games: Expansion Pack fund

A new round of funding has opened for Screen Australia's major Games: Expansion Pack grant.

games expansion pack fund

Screen Australia announces $4 million support for 31 games

The Games: Expansion Pack fund has been extended by AU $1 million due to the quality of applicants.

Screen Australia games funding
Career Advice

What you should know about Screen Australia's 'Games: Expansion Pack' funding

With the announcement of the Screen Australia Games: Expansion Pack funding program came a lot of questions. Here are some…

australian games industry fy 2021 2022 figures

Screen Australia launches $6 million fund for local games

The Australian Government is finally throwing its support behind the digital games industry.

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