Screen Australia announces Games Festivals and Events fund

Screen Australia has announced a new Games Festival and Events Fund to support the elevation of Australian games and game makers.
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Screen Australia has announced the launch of a brand new Games Festivals and Events Fund established to monetarily support events elevating Australian video games and game makers. Per its announcement, the fund aims to aid the “production, organisation and presentation of Australian games festivals and events that significantly benefit the Australian gamemaking community.”

Events in the vein of Games Connect Asia Pacific (GCAP), PAX Aus, Freeplay Festival, and SXSW Sydney are likely to benefit from this fund, but anyone who is planning a future event is able to apply for up to AUD $100,000 in funding, depending on scope and requirements.

Examples provided by Screen Australia for eligible events include “festivals, conferences, workshops, and events that offer opportunities for showcasing, networking, speaking, and community building for Australian gamemakers.”

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To apply for support, event organisers must have a clear idea of the vision, scope, and outcome of their event, and provide a full application complete with proposed activities, KPIs, and a budget outline to Screen Australia. Given the potential interest in this fund, the competition is likely to be high – so those considering an application will need to polish and spit shine their ideas to the highest degree.

The best candidates will oversee game events designed to inspire and push the Australian game development scene further, creating opportunities for upskilling, and for fostering a more tight-knit local games community.

For those who wish to learn more about the new fund, and how it may benefit any upcoming events, the Screen Australia website now has listed criteria and guidelines to apply for the newly-established fund. Those who apply with an eligible event will be informed of their application status within 4-6 weeks.

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