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James pokemon tcg trading card game

The Pokemon Company is hiring an NFT and blockchain expert

The Pokémon Company International has posted a new job listing, seeking someone with knowledge and connections in the Web3 and…

meta horizon worlds metaverse

Meta's Horizon Worlds metaverse is reportedly struggling

Meta's proprietary metaverse, Horizon Worlds, is reportedly underperforming and has little retention.

konami square enix nfts

Konami is expanding its plans for NFTs and the metaverse

Konami is currently recruiting for a wide range of talent that will focus on Web3 development.

final fantasy xiv rabbit viera race metaverse

Final Fantasy 14 director says metaverse is not entertainment

Naoki Yoshida has decried the metaverse, stating there is 'no entertainment' in recreating the real world.

facebook reality labs

Meta sunk US $2.96 billion into the metaverse in Q1 2022

The company formerly known as Facebook has invested massively in metaverse developer Reality Labs in Q1 2022.

lego metaverse epic games daily players drop

Epic and Lego team up for the metaverse as daily users drop

Lego and Epic Games are teaming up to create a metaverse for kids – but it may come too late,…

gundam metaverse bandai namco

Bandai Namco introduces the 'Gundam metaverse'

The metaverse train is continuing at high speed as Bandai Namco announces the first part of its plans.

habbo hotel metaverse failure
Opinions & Analysis

The metaverse is not new, and it won't change the world

As Facebook and Unity double down on the concept of the 'metaverse' they fail to realise something simple: that the…