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Death Stranding movie hideo kojima

Hideo Kojima won't direct Death Stranding movie

Kojima will still be 'heavily involved' in the upcoming adaptation, however.

Death Stranding 2 DS2 Hideo Kojima

Death Stranding movie will be 'arthouse', says Kojima

Hideo Kojima has spoken more about the newly-announced Death Stranding film.

death stranding 2

Death Stranding is getting a movie from Kojima and Hammerstone

The new film adaptation will reportedly tell an original story set in the game's universe.

Death Stranding 2 DS2 Hideo Kojima

Death Stranding 2, aka DS2, announced by Kojima Productions

Death Stranding 2, known as DS2, was officially revealed by Hideo Kojima at The Game Awards 2022, and features Léa…

kojima productions

Hideo Kojima adds Shiori Kutsuna to mystery game

The mystery game from Kojima Productions is yet to be fully revealed – but we do know who'll star in…

Hideo Kojima Productions Elle Fanning

Next Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions game to star Elle Fanning

More hints of the next project from Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions have revealed the involvement of actress Elle Fanning.

Hideo Kojima The Creative Gene book review by Naphtali Faulkner

On Hideo Kojima’s memes and ‘The Creative Gene’

Umurangi Generation creator Naphtali Faulker ponders Hideo Kojima’s creative process, and how game designers can better approach homage.

death stranding hideo kojima new game

Hideo Kojima reportedly has a new horror game in the works

A prominent industry leaker claims to have seen footage from a previously unannounced Hideo Kojima game.

virtual realms videogames transformed the wall kojima productions

Virtual Realms brings game designers to contemporary museums

Games designers invited into contemporary museum spaces reimagine their art form in surprising and wondrous ways.

Death Stranding studio Kojima Productions has moved into Film, TV and Games

Kojima Productions opens dedicated music, TV, and film branch

Long known for their cinematic approach to video games, Hideo Kojima and his company are making real moves into linear…