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jujutsu kaisen fortnite

Fortnite launches Jujutsu Kaisen crossover event

The demons of Jujutsu Kaisen have infiltrated Fortnite's Battle Royale Island.

star wars fortnite epic games

Fortnite feels The Force again in Star Wars collab

Star Wars is returning to Fortnite in a major way, with new events, unlockables, and items now available.

epic games fortnite ftc lawsuit

Epic Games fined US $520 million for Fortnite privacy violations

Epic Games has today been ordered to pay the FTC for multiple violations of privacy law, and for 'tricking users'.

fortnite epic games lawsuit canada

Fortnite lawsuit alleging the game is too addictive goes ahead

A fresh lawsuit lodged in Canada alleges that Fortnite is far too addictive for children.

fortnite chapter 4 season one

Fortnite Chapter 4 introduces The Witcher, Doom, My Hero Academia

Fortnite is getting wilder and weirder in its latest season of content. Here's everything new to the game.

Fortnite and Dragon Ball Z Collaboration Art

Dragon Ball x Fortnite brings Goku and friends to the battle royale

With Dragon Ball Z coming to Fortnite, we can finally solve the age-old argument of Goku vs Superman – with…

fortnite magic the gathering tcg cards secret lair

Fortnite is coming to Magic: The Gathering via Secret Lair

The latest Secret Lair card drop introduces the characters of Fortnite to Magic: The Gathering.

epic games fortnite ftc lawsuit

Epic Games raises US $144 million for Ukraine aid with Fortnite

The two-week fundraising initiative has now concluded, with a major donation for humanitarian aid in Ukraine.

fortnite australia developer gyro controls

Fortnite gets new gyro controls, thanks to Aussie creator

Fortnite is getting brand new gyro controls, thanks to the work of Australian flick stick creator Julian 'Jibb' Smart.

fortnite kaws digital art gallery

Fortnite is bringing London's KAWS art exhibit into the digital realm

Fortnite has launched a digital KAWS art exhibit that corresponds to a real-life show in London.

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