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mario kart 8 deluxe game

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is getting five mystery racers

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe appears to be getting five new racers, in addition to the newly-added Birdo.

Metroid Fusion Nintendo Switch

Metroid Fusion is now available on Nintendo Switch

Metroid Fusion is now available as part of the Game Boy Advance library on the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion…

disney lego marvel games cancelled tt games

Multiple Disney and Marvel LEGO games canned at TT Games

A new report has alleged TT Games has cancelled multiple Disney and Marvel games after a tumultuous year.

two point campus school spirits

Two Point Campus: School Spirits DLC announced

School Spirits isn't just an excellent pun. Here's everything included in this major DLC expansion.

wargroove 2

Advance Wars-inspired Wargroove 2 announced for Switch and PC

Wargroove 2 continues to carry the turn-based tactics legacy of Advance Wars in a new pirate-themed game, now with a…

Front Mission 2 Remake

Front Mission 2: Remake release date announced

Front Mission 2: Remake marks the first time this turn-based tactics game has ever been released in English.

sherlock holmes the awakened

Sherlock Holmes The Awakened launches in April 2023

Sherlock Holmes The Awakened has officially been dated, following a war-induced delay.

Nintendo 3DS eshop closure

Rare Nintendo 3DS games you should buy before the eShop closes 

The Nintendo 3DS eShop closes forever on 27 March 2023, and it's your last chance to grab these high-value exclusives…

capcom spotlight 2023 ghost trick re4 exoprimal

Capcom Spotlight 2023 will feature Ghost Trick, Exoprimal, RE4

Capcom Spotlight 2023 will feature a range of upcoming, highly-anticipated games.

terapagos scarlet violet fan theory paldea

New Pokemon fan theory claims Legendary Terapagos is Paldea

The appearance of Terapagos could be inspired by classic legends.

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