Overwatch 2 is getting Cowboy Bebop crossover skins

Cassidy, Ashe, Mauga, Sombra, and Wrecking Ball are set to rock new Cowboy Bebop threads in future.
cowboy bebop overwatch 2 crossover

Overwatch 2 is crossing over with beloved classic anime Cowboy Bebop, with players soon able to jump into the game to unlock themed skins, emotes, and highlight intros. It’s the second major anime collaboration for the game, which recently crossed over with One Punch Man.

We have confirmation that Cassidy, Ashe, Mauga, Sombra, and Wrecking Ball will get new Legendary looks as part of the crossover. Cassidy will have a skin inspired by Spike Spiegel, Ashe will get a Faye Valentine skin, Mauga will get a Jet Black skin, Sombra will get an Ed skin, and Wrecking Ball will get an Ein skin.

As detailed, it appears the Ein Wrecking Ball skin will be unlockable for free, for all players. The other skins will be premium unlockables.

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As part of the event, matches in Overwatch 2 will be soundtracked with Cowboy Bebop tunes.

“We’re honoured to be collaborating with one of the most respected anime series of all time in Cowboy Bebop,” Aimee Dennett, Associate Director of Overwatch 2 said.

“This collaboration is a wonderful way to pay homage to the legendary stories, art, animation, and music of the Cowboy Bebop series. We hope its fans and our players have as much fun with what we’re bringing to Overwatch 2 as we did in creating it.”

Those keen to check out the new Cowboy Bebop skins (or simply admire them on other players) should stay tuned for the crossover launch on 12 March 2024.

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