Origami puzzler Paper Trail launches in May 2024

Paper Trail will arrive on PC, consoles, and mobile via Netflix soon.
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Newfangled Games’ Paper Trail, an origami-inspired puzzle adventure game, has officially locked in a release for 21 May 2024. It will be available on PlayStation and Xbox consoles, as well as PC, Nintendo Switch, and both iOS and Android via Netflix.

After a number of delays, it’s great to see Paper Trail finally heading for release. After getting hands-on with the game at SXSW Sydney, it’s an even more welcome slice of news. In our preview, we called Paper Trail an absolute delight, particularly in its puzzle ingenuity and design.

Paper Trail is immediately striking. With a painterly, minimalist visual style and a devotion to pastel detail, entering its world feels transformative – and then its primary exploration mechanic literally unfolds, and Paper Trail begins to feel like pure magic,” we wrote in our preview.

“While the larger ideas of Paper Trail have been seen before, the way Newfangled Games adapts a living papercraft style, and makes its world feel malleable and exciting, is wonderful.”

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In the adventure, you are Paige, a young girl who wants to leave her home and pursue academic study in a mountainous region. In her way is a variety of obstacles, taking the form of puzzle-folding challenges, which players must solve by literally folding and unfolding the game’s edges, finding new pathways for Paige to traverse.

The game’s approach to these puzzles is incredibly novel, and while it was challenging even in its preview, we can’t wait to see what action unfolds in the full game. If you’re somebody who enjoys a head-scratcher, or just wants to see a game with vibrant, fresh ideas, then Paper Trail should be on your radar.

As announced, Paper Trail launches for PC and pretty much every console on 21 May 2024. You can now wishlist the game on Steam.

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