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epic mickey rebrushed thq nordic showcase

Epic Mickey is getting a remake for PC and consoles

Epic Mickey is coming back, 14 years after its debut on Nintendo Wii.

system shock remake release date

System Shock remake has been delayed to May 2023

The upcoming System Shock remake was originally set to launch in March 2023 – but will now miss this window.

risk of rain returns nintendo house of indies

Nintendo House of Indies: Day 2 reveals Risk of Rain remake

Nintendo has revealed a major Risk of Rain remake in its latest indie games holiday showcase.

witcher avalanche unions

The Witcher remake will be fully open world

The upcoming remake is a 'reimagining' of the classic game, and will make major changes to the action.

the witcher remake

The Witcher is getting an Unreal Engine 5 remake

The remake will be a joint collaboration between CD Project Red and studio Fool's Theory.

xiii remake

Poorly-received XIII remake is getting a second chance

XIII is getting a second remake, two years after the initial remake tanked with keen players.

dead space remake

Dead Space remake set to launch in January 2023

The Dead Space remake will just miss out on a coveted spot on the 2022 gaming calendar.

resident evil 4 game

Resident Evil 4 remake seemingly leaked by Wesker voice actor

Resident Evil 4 voice actor D.C. Douglas has allegedly leaked the existence of an upcoming remake for the game.

chrono cross remaster

A Chrono Cross remake is reportedly in the works

Classic PlayStation hit Chrono Cross is reportedly getting a remake this Christmas.