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fable narrative lead playground games

Fable narrative lead announces project departure

Anna Megill will no longer serve as the narrative lead on the upcoming Fable reboot.

forza horizon 5 barbie movie

Forza Horizon 5 gets Barbie cars for movie tie-in

Forza Horizon 5 is getting two new cars based on the Barbie movie.

forza horizon maverick games studio

Former Forza Horizon leads form new studio, Maverick Games

The newly formed United Kingdom-based studio already has plans for its debut title.

forza horizon 5 audio

The Art of Forza Horizon 5's Audio Design

Lead Audio Designer Fraser Strachan talks about how his role and work fits within the Playground Games team, and how…

forza horizon 5

Forza Horizon 5 is Xbox Game Studios' biggest launch yet

The open-world driving game marks a new milestone in the popularity of Xbox Game Pass and their PC, console, and…

forza horizon 5 sign language

Forza Horizon 5 is adding a sign language interpreter in new update

Forza Horizon 5 is taking great strides for accessibility in gaming.

fable 4 development four years

Fable 4 has reportedly been in development for four years

Fable 4 has apparently been in development for four years, longer than anyone expected.

forza horizon maverick games studio

Forza Horizon 5 Review - A winning formula and a beautiful world

Forza Horizon 5 continues to focus on the joy of driving with a reverence for its environments, and it's still…

fable news tweet microsoft

Xbox retracts mysterious 'Fable' tweet and apologises

A tweet that appeared to tease news for Fable 4 has now vanished.