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paralives game sims competitor

Every major rival to The Sims currently in development

Life by You has dropped out of the race, but there are still developers working on Sims competitors.

Life by You screenshot, a rival to The Sims developed by Paradox Interactive

Sims competitor 'Life by You' has been delayed to 2024

Life by You was initially set to launch via early access in September 2023.

paradox interactive life by you the sims rival

The Sims rival 'Life by You' announced by Paradox Interactive

Life by You is a life simulator being helmed by Paradox Tectonic.

apple arcade games february 2023

Apple Arcade: Every game arriving in February 2023

The latest Apple Arcade lineup includes a wholesome farm simulator from Team17, a hydro jet racer, and more.

bloody hell hotel game

Bloody Hell Hotel is a management sim starring bloodthirsty vampires

Bloody Hell Hotel looks like a fantastic, gothic romp filled with gory surprises.

dinkum review game early access

Dinkum early access review – A ripper Animal Crossing-like

Dinkum transports players into a fantasy version of Australia, complete evil cassowaries, crocs, and unaddressed baggage.

dreamlight valley disney life simulator

Disney announces crossover life sim Dreamlight Valley

Dreamlight Valley will feature a number of familiar characters from Disney and Pixar.

rune factory 5 review

Why Rune Factory 5 doesn't work as a life simulator

Rune Factory 5 is relatively charming, but it forgets exactly why people play life simulators.