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tekken 8 tease evo 2022

Tekken 8 is seemingly on the way, teased at Evo 2022

Something new in the Tekken series, potentially Tekken 8, has been teased by developer Bandai Namco at the Evo 2022…

bandai namco klonoa

Bandai Namco reports 55% rise in game sales, despite economic downturn

Bandai Namco has reported major year-on-year growth for the first quarter of its Q1 2023 financials.

digimon survive review snapshot
Opinions & Analysis

Digimon Survive Review Snapshot: A horror-tinged surprise

Digimon Survive is a dynamic visual novel that closely aligns with the action of the anime series, and features rather…

tekken bloodline netflix series

Tekken: Bloodline anime launches on Netflix in August

Tekken: Bloodline will tell the story of Jin Kazama, the heir to a demonic inheritance.

tekken 2 best fighters
Opinions & Analysis

Ranking the iconic fighters of Tekken 2

Classic fighting game Tekken 2 is now available on all-new PlayStation Plus Deluxe and Premium.

elden ring let me solo her reward

Elden Ring player 'Let Me Solo Her' rewarded sword from Bandai Namco

Let Me Solo Her recently hit a major milestone when they defeat Elden Ring boss Malenia for the 1,000th time.

my hero academia battle royale game

My Hero Ultra Rumble is getting a closed beta in August

The free-to-play battle royale game will invite players to show off the Quirks of their favourite My Hero Academia characters.

monster rancher game japan nintendo direct mini

New Monster Rancher game announced in Japan's Nintendo Direct Mini

The latest Nintendo Direct Mini had a very special Japan-exclusive announcement.

one piece odyssey

One Piece Odyssey gets a fresh look at Summer Game Fest

A new trailer for open-world JPRG One Piece Odyssey was shown at Summer Game Fest, giving us new glimpses at…

elden ring survival mode

New Elden Ring mod gives you diseases, starvation

A new Elden Ring mod has added a unique Survival Mode to the game, in case the game's difficulty isn't…

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