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Tales of Kenzera: ZAU

Grief in full colour – An interview with Abubakar Salim for Tales of Kenzera: ZAU

Abubakar Salim talks about how his experience with grief helped to shape the narrative of Surgent Studios' first game, Tales…

mario vs donkey kong preview

Mario vs. Donkey Kong preview – A brain-tickling good time

Mario vs. Donkey Kong is a pleasant puzzler with just the right amount of difficulty.

final fantasy 7 rebirth spoilers leaks

All the biggest video games launching in February 2024

Check out all the biggest games launching in February 2024.

kazuya mishima tekken 8 gameplay trailer

The biggest video games launching in January 2024

Here's all the biggest video games launching in January 2024.

spyro 2024 video games predictions

10 major predictions for video games in 2024

After a brilliant but difficult year for the video games industry, let's look towards the future, and what's next.

Edmond Tran Best of 2023

Edmond Tran's Favourite Games of 2023

I refuse to write about myself in the third-person any longer. Here are some 2023 games I really liked!

best video games leah j williams 2023

Leah J. Williams' Favourite Games of 2023

In a rough year for the games industry, an incredible number of blockbuster video games made a significant impression.

most anticipated games 2024 princess peach showtime

The Most Anticipated Games of 2024

After an impressive 2023, let's look to our most anticipated games of the coming year.

best australian games of 2023 stray gods goty gameshub

The Best Australian Games of 2023

The best Australian games of 2023 showed off just how talented our local developers really are.

best video games 2023 gameshub goty list

The Best Video Games of 2023

From terrifying journeys to dark woods, to crafting ridiculous machine contraptions, the best games of 2023 had it all.

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