Xbox expands console and PC accessibility options

Xbox continues to expand accessibility options across its ecosystem on Xbox consoles, PC applications, and digital storefronts.
Xbox Accessibility Controller

Xbox has expanded the scope of accessibility options throughout its console and PC ecosystems, to coincide with Global Accessibility Awareness Day.

Additions include new accessibility settings on the Xbox application on PC to alter visual effects and animations, a new search filter on the Microsoft Store that allows users to filter games based on their ability to cater to certain needs, as well as expanded support articles focusing on educating users on the numerous existing accessibility features within the ecosystem.

The platform has long championed features on its Xbox consoles that allow users of various ability levels to customise their experiences with a number of system-level options.

The company was also the first to market with a dedicated accessibility controller, called the Xbox Adaptive Controller. This includes physical components that are customisable and compatible with alternative input devices.

Xbox Game Studios titles have displayed notable innovation in the accessibility space, especially in the Forza series, which pioneered sign language interpretation and assistance for blind and vision-impaired individuals.

Xbox has also advised that its Game Accessibility Testing Service, which assists developers in correctly implementing features to help cater to a wider array of individuals, has been refined. The program has reportedly hosted 13,000 hours of testing from the accessibility community since February 2021, who have provided feedback on in-progress features.

In other news, PlayStation has also celebrated Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2023 with a closer look at its own version of the Adaptive Controller, the PS5 Access Controller.

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