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WWE 2K23 hides a secret John Cena action figure skin

An unlockable skin for John Cena has been discovered in the game's MyFaction mode.
john cena wwe 2k23 action figure skin

WWE 2K23 reportedly includes a hidden skin for John Cena which transforms the wrestler into an action figure version of himself. The discovery was made by data miners exploring the game’s MyFaction mode, which allows players to build and strengthen a group of wrestlers in strategy warfare battles. Special skins are unique to this mode, and are generally unlocked as players progress through matches – although it’s currently unclear how the John Cena action figure skin is earned.

During a deep dive investigation, YouTube content creator KingDeejj discovered the special Action Figure John Cena MyFaction card, which allows players to control an action figure during matches. This version of John Cena has articulated joints and a static face that maintains a blank emotion during gameplay – but besides this creepiness, it looks great in action.

The game’s new lighting system, which makes every move feel more cinematic, works extremely well here. Lights shine off the action figure’s back, and illuminate its shiny, plastic sheen. While it looks odd compared to other, more realistic character models, it’s a unique idea that’s executed brilliantly.


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For now, the only challenge is working out how to unlock this exclusive MyFaction version of John Cena.

While data miners have managed to extract the data for the action figure, regular players will likely have to wait to hear more about its inclusion. It could be exclusive skin for a planned event, or – the more likely option – it may be included in upcoming Mattel action figure releases, as a purchase bonus.

WWE 2K23 also contains a variety of Locker Codes that unlock special cards and bonuses for the game, and Action Figure John Cena could be locked behind one of these codes.

Whatever the case, he’s a fantastic inclusion, and should serve players well whenever he pops up. Stay tuned for more details about this exclusive attire, and a full review of the newly-released WWE 2K23 on GamesHub.

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