PlatinumGames’ World of Demons is being delisted from Apple Arcade

World of Demons will no longer be playable beyond 18 January 2024.
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World of Demons, PlatinumGames’ Apple Arcade exclusive adventure, is set to be delisted on 18 January 2024. On this date, it will leave the subscription platform, although those who have previously downloaded it will be able to play it for several more weeks – until 1 February 2024. Following this, World of Demons will become entirely unavailable.

In a blog post, PlatinumGames revealed the news with little explanation, confirming only that the game will depart shortly. “We extend our gratitude to all players who have enjoyed the game since release,” the studio said.

At this stage, it’s unclear what will happen to World of Demons following its delisting. Like many other mobile titles, it may simply vanish – in what would be a difficult situation for preservation – or PlatinumGames may have other plans for the game.

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As an Apple Arcade-exclusive title, World of Demons was only ever released for iOS devices on mobile. It may be that PlatinumGames plans to expand this reach with a standalone release – and that the title’s Apple Arcade exclusivity was timed – but for now, the studio has not expanded on its future plans for the title.

Given World of Demons achieved solid reviews on launch in April 2021, with many praising its sleek hack-and-slash gameplay and painterly visual style, it would be a shame to see this game vanish on delisting. While its reliance on an always-online server and subscription-based nature means it will be difficult to preserve World of Demons beyond its delisting date, there is still hope PlatinumGames has other plans in the works.

As World of Demons departs Apple Arcade, it serves as a solid reminder that games, and particularly mobile games, don’t always last forever. Those keen to check out World of Demons will need to download it before 18 January 2024, and cherish its final weeks in operation.

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